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The Problem

Lift with your legs and not your back – it’s something that’s promoted regularly when it comes to heavy lifting, but in the life of a firefighter, it’s not always possible. When you’re in tight situations and your goal is to simply lift an individual to get them to a safer situation, you’re often relying on your back. When this happens, injury is more likely to occur.

The Inspiration

It was while recovering from such an injury that firefighter, Joe Webster decided it was time to develop a better solution. Multiple discussions with fellow firefighter, Ivan Klippenstein, followed as the colleagues knew that if they had the right tool that could lift with their legs and take the load off their backs. Not only would they save their backs, they would be able to lift more efficiently.

The Solution

This desire led to the development of the KlipWeb, the industry’s first product, designed by the end-user, to keep both the firefighter and the patient safe. KlipWeb’s patented technology draws on its inventors’ real-world experience, providing a solution that is easy to slip on, easy to use and easy to store. Plus, its reinforced design ensures reliable use in the field and a significant reduction in the likelihood of back injuries due to inappropriate lifting.

Why You Need KlipWeb


Compact size means freedom of movement in tight spaces


Getting patients out of harm safely is top priority


Reduce your chances of back injury