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When you're in tight situations.

KlipWeb has your back.

Reliability in the field.

KlipWeb protects patients and rescuers.



First Responder

I used KlipWeb to lift a patient who had fallen but was not injured. They just needed assistance getting up on the bed from the floor. We placed the web beneath the patient using a log roll fashion. We hooked the carabiner just above the hips. We drew up the slack and lifted using our hands, which were free, to stabilize. When we reached the full height of our extended legs, we completed the lift with our arms. KlipWeb kept the patient close to us, and we did not need to reach to lift the patient in place. We log-rolled the patient to remove the net and then the lift was complete. The device allows us to lift with our legs and not our backs. I was so excited about how comfortable and how easy it was for two people to lift them.


First Responder

We used KlipWeb to lift an obese patient from the floor. We placed the webbing under the patient with a log roll method under their shoulders to below their hips. We squatted down and shortened the straps to the lowest length we could use to lift from that position. The cot was placed at the patient’s head. Two firefighters lifted the patient with very little exertion and no strain on our back. The cot was rolled under the patient, and we lowered the patient without incident. We were able to lift with our legs and guide with our arms. If the patient needed further lift we could then lift with our arms with our backs in the upright position. KlipWeb works great!